No Limit
No Expiration
No Tricks


10% Cashback! How is it possible?

No Transaction Fee

Yosemite Card directly connects stores and customers using the blockchain technology, effectively eliminating fees imposed by middlemen.


No Extra Cost

Yosemite Card makes it possible for stores to manage a cashback program at no additional cost.


Stores can save money with our technology
Stores can now give more back to you


How can I get
my Yosemite Card?

- Download Yosemite Card mobile application
- Verify your email address

That's all it takes!

Only Berkeley students can get Yosemite Card issued for now.
Verify your email address.

*Yosemite Card is originally an in-app card.
A compatible physical card will be available soon!


Where can I use the
Yosemite Card?

- Many stores near your university are already accepting Yosemite Card.
- You can find the list of stores in Yosemite Card app.


How do I use
Yosemite Card to pay?

Tap! Yosemite Card to reveal a QR code.
Scan! a QR code at the store.
Complete! payment + 10% cashback

You just earned
10% cashback


How much can I spend
with Yosemite Card?

You can spend up to $1,000 per month and pay for it later.

The monthly due amount is automatically withdrawn from your linked bank account on the payment due date.

Yosemite Card does not
require your credit score


How do I use the earned
cashback reward?

The cashback you earned
can be used as cash.

Use it anytime to make a purchase.

No Limit,
No Expiration,
No Tricks

Berkeley students say...

Tera Neff

" It only took like a minute to get my Yosemite Card issued. It was super easy, because it only needed my Berkeley email address to sign up! No credit score check or anything "

Jessica DiLullo

" ABE's Pizza, Cafe Durant… I love how I can earn rewards from my favorite places to eat in Berkeley! What good is a reward if it’s from the places I don’t really go to? This is a must-have app for all Berkeley students. "

Sarah Joshi

" It’s amazing how I can earn 10% cashback from all of the stores! I usually spend around $700 per month. That means I can earn $70 back! Why wouldn’t I use it? "