10% cashback

For Store


Yosemite Card proposes
10% cashback

Cashback is the best marketing method.
However, managing cashback program yourself is nearly impossible.

Yosemite Card eliminated the card transaction fees, and the cost of managing reward programs.

As a result, saving a lot of money is now possible.

Yosemite Card proposes giving back the saved money to customers.

1%, 2%, 3%… it’s not enough!!
10% cashback makes
your customers happy.

That’s why it’s 10% cashback!


Who can use Yosemite Card?

Yosemite card is currently in the beta phase,
servicing the berkeley.edu email-verified students.

Students can get their Yosemite Card issued for free.


How to start accepting
Yosemite Card

Prepare iOS or Android tablet.

Download Yosemite Card for Store application.

Provide basic business entity information
to complete the sign-up process. That's it!

It’s super easy to
get started!

The first 100 stores to sign up are eligible for 6-month free rental of Samsung Galaxy Tab and the stand to use for accepting Yosemite Card!


How does a payment with
Yosemite Card work?

Enter! total amount your charging
Scan! QR code from customer’s phone
Complete! payment + 10% cashback

That’s all it takes

Yosemite Card is originally an in-app card. A compatible physical card will be available soon!


What’s the payout process?

Yosemite Card pays out in a set of $500.

Every time your sales amount reaches $500, Yosemite Card deposits $450 to your bank account. ($50 has been given back to your customers as cashback)

During the beta phase, Yosemite Card will deposit this $450 in advance every time.

Contact us at store@yosemitex.com to get started

Our team can help set up your account and start accepting Yosemite Card.
We look forward to hearing from you!