Using blockchain technology, we have eliminated the middlemen and achieved fee-less payment channels, while guaranteeing the best security.

Say Goodbye to Middlemen

Blockchain replaces the roles that current credit card companies and payment processors play. Secured by the blockchain’s decentralized trust mechanism, you can now enjoy a direct transaction between individuals without any intermediary services!

Credit (loan-based) Transactions Using Digital Fiat Tokens

You can self-issue any amount of digital fiat tokens up to your line of credit, in order to perform transactions. Because blockchain technology prevents any hacking or ledger manipulation, you can safely perform all transactions.

No Need For a Merchant Account

Yosemite Card can also be used in payments between individuals (i.e. Craigslist, garage sale) which was not possible with traditional credit cards. Even without a merchant account, a seller can provide a safe and convenient payment environment to the buyers.

More Secure Than Credit Cards

Yosemite Card offers better security than existing magnetic stripe or chip reading. Yosemite’s provisionally patented ‘QR code (blockchain account) + One-Time-Password (OTP) simultaneous reading’ technology enables a static QR code to be printed on a physical card.

Yosemite Card in Comparison
Existing Credit Card Yosemite Card
Credit Transaction Yes Yes
Intermediary Service(s) Multiple None
Transaction Fees 1~4% 0%
Physical Card Yes Yes
Mobile Payment Support Some Yes
Security System Centralized Server (Vulnerable) Blockchain (The Most Secure)
Transaction Speed 2,000 ~ 54,000 TPS 3,000 ~ millions of TPS


How are fee-less transactions possible? It’s too good to be true!

Basically, blockchain replaces the payment channels that current card companies use. In traditional credit card transactions, card companies and payment facilitators (i.e. Value-Added-Network) act as middlemen, while recent trend’s mobile payment transactions have mobile payment companies and banks act as middlemen. Because blockchain enables secured peer-to-peer transactions, we don’t have to use any middlemen to process payments securely, and therefore don’t accrue any card network fees.

How do credit transactions on the blockchain work?

Credit transactions on the blockchain use ‘digital fiat tokens’ as a medium. Digital fiat tokens have their value pegged to that of fiat currency, and are redeemable for fiat. Because transaction data is recorded on the blockchain, data integrity is assured.

A credit line of digital fiat tokens is issued to users for use in transactions. Retail merchants receive digital fiat tokens as payment, and the transaction data is recorded securely on the blockchain ledger. Each user’s line of credit is determined with reference to all available information, including ratings from 3rd party credit rating agencies, as well as AI and statistical analysis of user activity data recorded on the Yosemite Blockchain.

How does credit payment get settled?

Yosemite X assists the settlement between retail merchants and customers based on blockchain’s transaction ledger. Yosemite X collects balance settlement (payment) equivalent amount of digital fiat token used in transactions in fiat currency from customers, and exchanges merchants’ digital fiat token to fiat currency at 1:1 ratio. Yosemite X’s exchange activity is transparently recorded on blockchain’s ledger, so both customers and merchants can trust the process and results.

Why should it be on Yosemite Blockchain?

The most important reason for why the credit payment system can only be on Yosemite Blockchain is Yosemite Blockchain’s independence from ICO-based volatile tokens. Yosemite X proudly developed Yosemite Blockchain in order to create a habitable ecosystem for individuals and businesses, and the most basic requirement was that the network should not be dependent on volatile currency. Unlike the others, Yosemite Blockchain is the only public blockchain that did not undergo an ICO. This allows Yosemite Blockchain to use fiat-based stable tokens (rather than a volatile cryptocurrency) as a payment currency. In other words, other public blockchains cannot create this credit care and payment system because their underlying currency will be subject to price volatility, which is definitely unfit to be used as a value exchange medium.

What is Yosemite Blockchain?

Yosemite blockchain is a public blockchain developed by Yosemite X. Because it did not undergo an ICO, it uses a digital fiat token (stablecoin) that is pegged to a fiat currency and therefore can be used to safely perform transactions. Yosemite blockchain’s independence from volatile cryptocurrency can finally apply blockchain technology to perform real financial transactions. Yosemite Card is the first of such application.

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